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#UCT Career Fair

UCT’s Career Expo goes Virtual

Every year, UCT hosts an EPIC Career Expo, allowing companies to engage with students about prospective career opportunities. This year, however, due to COVID-19, they took it to the screen (the computer screen), hosting their first ever Virtual Career Expo.

Now, more than ever, during a time of uncertainty, it’s important for students to engage with companies for prospective career opportunities and the Career Expo (virtual or otherwise) does just that. 

Whatever the format, SOLIDitech is always keen to assist. We love meeting students and helping them with career questions and guidance, especially when it comes to explaining the exciting world of Software Development and the wide range of career options available. 

How was it hosted?

This year, instead of taking place at UCT, the event was hosted via a virtual event platform called Easy Virtual Fair, where we had the opportunity to host a ‘stand’. Our ‘stand’, along with virtual SOLIDitech ‘host’, housed all our info, such as links to our Careers Page on the company website, the Brain Teaser competition, links to register for our webinar and even some of the most popular FAQs. The stand was a great way for students to learn more about SOLIDitech, even if they couldn’t actually see us.

UCt Career Day

How did we engage with students?

Usually we would have a team of experts ready to chat to eager students and this year was no exception. There was a chat function that allowed us to speak with students and answer any questions they had, outside of the info we provided on our ‘stand’. Special thanks to James, Carlo, Merissa, Pierre, Lee, Rayne, Charles, Trevor and Faraaz for making themselves available during the day.

UCT Career Day

In addition to providing all the key information and chatting to students, we hosted a live webinar on Friday, 7 August, where we provided tips on creating a winning CV, interview tips and landing the dream job. Faraaz, a Senior Software Engineer and Customer Service Delivery Manager hosted the webinar, where we were able to provide additional support to students, equipping them with knowledge as they enter the job market.


Giving away a 1-year subscription to Codecademy Pro

True to our nature, we opened up a Brain Teaser competition to UCT students, testing their wit and logic. The grand prize was a 1-year subscription to Codecademy Pro, where the lucky winner is able to expand their coding knowledge through online courses. We held the draw on Tuesday, 11 August and the lucky winner was Chelsea van Coller, a 3rd year BBusSci student majoring in Computer Science.  


Special thanks go to UCT’s Career Services for inviting us to join this year’s first virtual event. We were very proud to be part of it and we’re looking forward to the next one – virtual or in-person!

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