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#BreakTheRules Winter 2022

We Broke The Rules At This Year’s First UCT Developer Society Event

During the better half of Saturday, 07 May 2022, we spent the day with the best of UCT’s IT-inclined students at this year’s first #BreakTheRules. We always get excited to be invited to UCT’s career-based events, and this one was no exception.

Our relationship with the UCT Developer Society is one we value. Their aims to support skills development and to provide industry opportunities for the students of UCT is wonderful to see. They act as the perfect bridge between graduates and our industry’s software and technology leaders.

With UCT’s Devsoc acting as our proverbial bridge, our student hosts took the lead on the day. Each company was given a timeslot to showcase their successes, teams and job vacancies. With an abundance of projects and opportunities to talk about, we struggled to decide what to focus on for this year’s event.

The Big Day:

Our very own COO, Charles Musto, took charge of this year’s company presentation (with Marketing on standby and acting as his personal hype team). We may be a smidge biased, but Charles absolutely nailed it. With his personal flair, he spoke about what Software Engineering means to us as a team and what we expect from future employees. In short, we value innovative thinkers who can solve real-world business problems (we want good eggs, really).

We have a number of career opportunities, which provides a great space for young graduates to kick off their career in the best possible environment – a SOLID environment. Have a look at our Careers Centre to see what is available ->

After a fantastic presentation, Charles and the Marketing team branched off into an online meeting room to open any questions students might have. We spent a full hour chatting to students about their courses and what they plan to do once finishing their degree. We were super impressed with the insight and intrigue each student brought to the conversation.

Code-breaking Challenge

In conjunction with our #BreakTheRules presentation, we launched a coding competition for UCT students to enter, which lasted a number of days. After registering and using their problem-solving skills to answer 2 code-based questions, all successful entries were entered into a lucky draw.

This coding challenge is designed to challenge the students abilities to solve current problems with the toolkit their course has provided them with. And what a turn out! Thank you to all of the students who participated and congratulations to our lucky (and highly skilled) winners.

A big thanks to UCT’s Developer Society for hosting another great #BreakTheRules event and to those students who took time out of their weekend to meet with us. We look forward to more exciting events with you this year.

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