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As a South African ISP supplying a multitude of services such as phones, VoIP, ADSL, Fibre, APN’s and Diginet – STEM was looking for an automation partner to help them streamline their installation and billing processes. STEM also wanted to adopt a support ticketing solution to aid with customer service and internal processes, and a collections management tool that incorporated automatic bank reconciliations.

Enter… SOLID.

The SOLID Business Automation platform automates your business operations from end-to-end i.e. from Lead Management, through to Customer Management, Provisioning, Billing, Collections and Support.

Automation removes time-consuming and error-prone manual operations to bring about a streamlined and more efficient approach to business – helping STEM achieve their efficiency goals.

About STEM

STEM SOLIDitech CustomerSTEM is a Network Provider previously known as XDSL. The significant transformation of both their corporate identity and company name was necessary to best represent their innovative new services and solutions, as well as their competitive pricing.

STEM takes pride in their ability to offer affordable products to businesses – without cutting corners – while simultaneously delivering hassle-free services. They pair a wealth of technical expertise and creativity with a motivated team committed to ongoing development. This secures their position as a Network Provider with a difference.

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